Filmmaking / VFX
In 2107, May 18, the Earth seen from the moon, occults the sun. In total silence, an astronaut observes this planet that shelters humanity and does not hear its cries, its conflicts and its anxieties.

Through this fictitious generic, I wanted to convey the sensations experienced by some astronauts while for the first time, they saw the Earth as a fragile blue dot suspended in the void. This is called the "overview effect".

The original cast brings together scientific personalities and artists who have shone through different eras but have mostly managed to stimulate my imagination. They continue today to inspire me in my life and my films.

Personalities mentioned in the film

Jocelyn Bell Burnell: Astrophysicist. She discovers the first Pulsar in 1967.
Carl Sagan: Astro-biologist and novelist. He is particularly known for his novel Contact and the popular series Cosmos
Hubert Reeves: Astrophysicist, Ecologist. Author of several books, including Poussières d'étoiles.
Max Richter: Composer. He creates the album Sleep intended to promote a state of deep and restful sleep.
Jules Verne: Author of the novels From the Earth to the Moon, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and 60 Other Extraordinary Journeys.
Georges Méliès: Filmmaker and illusionist. Father of the visual effects and director of the famous film A Trip to the Moon..

Music:  See You In Antioch - Roland Bingaman
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